The Phantom of the Opera

February 23, 2014

As I promised myself, I purchased a Phantom of the Opera ticket with my tax return.
TWO tickets, taking my grandma as my date. I'm really hoping to do an Outfit of the Day with what I wore for the evening, but we all know I suck at keeping my posts up to date and following through with what I believe to be good ideas.
But, I've managed a few nice outfits recently and have a few days to dress nice for this week, thus you'll probably be getting these posts.

Now, onto the Phantom.
In 2004, the musical came out on DVD starring Gerard Butler & Emmy Rossum. I believe I watched it on accident and I fell in love with it almost immediately. The songs were beautiful, the costumes were outstanding, and the story was gorgeous. The musical exceeded my standards because it was nothing short of incredible.

We arrived a bit early and my grandma surprised me with a program from the show because she likes to collect them, too. & a necklace with the Phantom's mask on it, which is beautiful. We arrived in our seats, where we of course could not sit around normal people.
The couple in front of us probably met on the internet.
The Asian girls next to them talked the whole time.
The ladies next to me were relatively nice, when they weren't sharing photos of their housing renovations.
My grandma complained about intermission being too long, but I thought it was alright. After the intermission is Masquerade, then the show had technical difficulties. That tacked on another fifteen minutes, but they fixed the problem and we finished the show.

Overall, it was a magical evening and I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

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