Job Interview & City Wandering

May 30, 2014

Throughout the waiting period for my unsuccessful job interview, I had sometime between my train ride and the interview itself to do some city wandering and these are a few photos.
I started at Chicago's Union Station, which is one of the most beautiful and reliable stations. They have two different trains to take, the Amtrak and the Metra. Amtrak runs further distances, this was the train I would take from Illinois State back home. Whereas Metra runs through the suburbs, which makes for an easy commute to the North Side for the best pizza place I have ever been to and the lovely North Street beach.
Unfortunately, I was unable to venture anywhere very fun, but I managed to discover more of the city and its navigation, which was rad.

After the train, I took more of my photos down either Adams or Michigan. I stopped about 45 minutes before my interview. Here are a few photos of spontaneous city life. <3

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