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August 22, 2014

A lot of my photos are taken on my iPhone provided I don't quite take my camera everywhere with me and sometimes I just have my phone on me when there is a photo op.
There are a couple photos that weren't from this week, but from maybe two weeks ago just as a bit of a catch-up.

I thought this post would be a good way to show you all the posts that I don't feel important enough to post on my blog, however each of these photos is on my Instagram.
If you'd like more of a look into what I do daily, that would be the place to find it.

1. Pickle Lighter
I was standing in line at Walgreens and they had some lighters in the back of the counter. This super cute Pickle one was in front. I'm gaining quite the collection of cute/significant lighters and I think it's a neat thing to begin a collection of.

2. Bottles
Although this isn't the full photo because I didn't do a set regarding the treasure inside of my aunts house, she has a neat collection of glass bottles on one of her window ledges and they looked very nice when the light reflected it. It's one of those things that can be easily overlooked, but they're worth looking at.

3. Hookah Lounge
I haven't gone to the hookah bar in a while considering I've been broke and I don't have a car. It was nice to go for a nice with good friends (the same night Trevor rear-ended two different cars) and talk about everything because that isn't something I get to do, often.
PS: There's a super fucking cute cat there, too.

4. Last Stand
When I was housesitting for my aunt in Homewood, I walked to the bank the first night and I saw this CD. I attempted to listen to it, but it kept skipping. When I get an opportunity to actually decipher the lyrics and find the songs, I'd like to do a separate post about it because I think mix cds are the sweetest gifts.

5. Coffee/Mortal Instruments
I had stayed awake throughout the night in fear of my aunt's house and I had been reading the first book of the Mortal Instruments series. I also found an app that allowed me to blend the two photos together and I thought it looked kind of neat.

6. Tire Swing
If you haven't heard the song Tire Swing by Kimya Dawson, I suggest you go listen to all of her music because she is a beautiful soul. Anyways, my aunt has a tire swing in her backyard and I rarely get to go on it, but seeing as I had the house to myself I took full advantage.

7. Tinkerbell
My cat has this new obsession with going outside and laying on the porch & I usually have to go sit with her because she is not trained for the outdoors. This has also given me more cat photo-ops because she's super cute and does cute things.

8. Driving Tickets
Ah, something I've been stressing about for the past two weeks. I was pulled over for my license plate lightbulb being out and when they ran my information, they told me my license was suspended because I didn't have an SR-22 on my insurance from a previous speeding ticket when I was uninsured.
I can't drive anywhere. D:

9. Mossimo Susan Booties
I did an unboxing post about these yesterday and I am in love with them. Fall/Winter is my favorite time of year & one reason is because of all of the boots. <3

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