DIY: Floral Letters!

September 28, 2014

I've seen this project done in a bunch of different ways throughout the internet, however I did not thoroughly think them though when I decided to attempt for myself, thus a lot of this was me winging it! :D
(Also, I saw one using paper mache letters, which my craft store did not have. ): )

This is your finished product. (:
You can do this with one letter, short words, etc. In this case, I did one with for my mom's birthday. Because money is very tight, I decided crafting is the way to go & I don't recall spending more than $10 on the materials. 


Foam Board (Any size, Mine was 3x1.)
Tacky Glue
Fake Flowers
Styrofoam Board

Trace the letter(s) you're going to be using on to the foam board! To make straight lines, I used a measuring tape and traced along that line.

Once the letter is traced, attach the foam board to cardboard to give the foam more stability when you're cutting the letter out! I learned this too late after the end of one of the M's broke off, the carbon definitely helped when it came to cutting & later sticking in the flowers.
Thus, the foam letter will be on top of the cardboard and they will both be cut to fit your letter.

Detach the flower petals from the flower stems.
As you can see, I went with a purple theme, however the color scene is yours to choose!)

Pour some tacky glue on to a paper plate and begin to dip the tip of the flower bud into the glue and then sticking them into the foam letter.
Let this dry for a bit, I was out of materials, so I let mine dry overnight.

In the middle of these steps, take your styrofoam board and trace the shape of the letter on there.
If it's multiple letters, figure out your arrangement. Mine were originally straight across, but I staggered them a bit because it fit better.
The styrofoam serves as your support system for the piece.

Once the letter(s) have been traced, but the shapes out using either scissors or a box cutter to create an outline from the styrofoam.

When your letters are dry, you can glue it on to your styrofoam backing and you're done!
If you want to make the sides look less messy, I picked up chunky ribbon and pinned it into the sides so the layers weren't visible.

& there you have it!
It's not difficult, just time-consuming and the cutting gets a bit frustrating. :l
But, it ended up very nicely and I hope my mom enjoys it. (:

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