ET & Elliot Costume

October 30, 2014

With Halloween quickly approaching, I wanted to start doing some costume posts. (:
I was originally going to stick with the costume the whole season, but it got very bulky. I did, however, did a billion compliments on it and it was very easy to do. (:

I bought the red hoodie from a thrift store for three dollars & my mom had a stuffed ET.

We've had this pink basket and it had slits in the bottom which I looped a canvas belt through so it was be sturdy around my waist. I also looped red yarn through sides and looped it around the neck so the basket would stay.

The handlebars are just a wrapping paper tube wrapped in duct tape & electrical tape. 

Overall, this is one of my favorite costumes (next to Arthur last year.)
The only downfall is walking around with ET the whole night because he gets heavy. :c

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