Harry Potter Nook Cover

December 11, 2014

You're all going to be disappointed with this DIY because I free-handed a lot of it. If you would like a pattern, I can easily add one! Just +1 or comment for one and I will attach a photo. (:

Last year for Christmas, I purchased a Nook for my mom and she has used it to read the 50 Shades trilogy which I am very proud of. I also bought her a hard case for it. However, I saw this photo and decided to make it for my mom. I found all of the materials at Walmart and spent under $5 on it, which is ideal for a Christmas present.  I put a Barnes & Noble gift card inside so she can order more books and thats all. (:


Tacky Glue
Felt Squares (cream, black, red, and gold.)
Needle and thread

I started by tracing the Nook shape onto the cream felt giving about a half of an inch slack on the top. Once you have traced it and cut it out, trace the shape onto the second cream felt square so you have the front and back of the pouch.

I used white thread. Starting in the upper right hand corner, being sewing around the edges leaving the top open to put the nook in and out of.

I started at the bottom with the scarf. Cut three gold felt square rectangles and two red ones about an inch wide and 1/4 of an inch tall & use to Tacky Glue to alternate the colors across the bottoms covering the stitches.

To make the glasses, cut three tiny felt squares out of the black felt to make the ear pieces and the bridge. To make the eye glass shape, I traced two hair ties and just made the circles a little thicker. Connecting one black square to a black circle, to the bridge, to the other black circle, to the final black square to create Harry's glasses.

The hair was entirely free-handed. In case these instructions weren't scattered enough, you're going to mark the edges of the pouch onto the black felt used for the hair so you know the width of the hair. From there, you can trace any hair design you'd like making his hair look as choppy or as neat as possible. One thing that is required in this step is creating a larger gap in his hair to reveal the tiny lightening bolt scar that's next. Once you have made the hair, you can either Tacky Glue it or sew it onto the top sheet of your pouch.

Lightning bolts. I am very bad at drawing these so mine looks horrible. But, I ended up drawing  stick lightning bolt and just making it thicker, cutting it out, and gluing it in between the large hair gap left open. 

Here's a photo to make things a lot easier since I am horrible at wording these things!
I have debated making these into videos, so if you would find that more helpful, you can +1 or comment down below and I will happily make a video. (:

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