Mima's Christmas Present

December 22, 2014

There are always one or two people who stump me during the holiday season and this year, one of those two people was my grandma. 
Now, it might be the influence of working at a craft store or the idea of sentimentality when it comes to gifts for parents and grandparents, but this year instead of scrambling for a book/mug/crochet gift, my cousins and I coordinated for a photo for her, since the last photo we all took together was from my senior year of high school and anything before that was taken in matching pajamas and turtlenecks.
We finally got together and this was the final product. (:

I am honestly so excited with it because it accurately depicts the individuality of each of us at this point in our lives and this is the first time we have done something like this without being under the direction of the Sears photographer. 
Overall, it turned out very nice and I am very excited for her to receive it on Christmas. (:

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