Day Trip to Northwestern University

March 10, 2015

I spent a Friday with two of my friends at Northwestern University as one of them had a grad school interview that was going to take approximately three hours. After a half on hour of apartment hunting, Kiana and I decided to walk around campus and explore a bit.

Built in 1851, Northwestern University adapted their Latin motto: Quaecumque Sunt Vera, translating to 'Whatsoever things are true.' This derives from the New Testament book of the Philippians (4:8). There are approximately 19,000 students enrolled in the University currently and they have campuses in bother Evanston, IL & Chicago, IL.

I didn't remember taking this, but it may be my favorite photo from the day.

Look at all of these stairs, I felt like Rocky.

This photo represents how cold it was outside so after walking to the Student Center, we sat and drank iced tea.

Finding the location of these next few photos was an accident. Kiana and I found the Dittmar Gallery inside of the Norris Student Center and stumbled upon this powerful exhibit. This is called American Dream: Gods, Guns, & Drones, created by Dominic Sansone
He goes into depth on his page in regards to his intentions with the piece and the detail of each of the pieces in this collection, as well as other artwork he has created.
This was the description on the NWU website written by Sansone himself:
Dominic Sansone’s exhibition American Dream: God, Guns, & Drones investigates how fear and paranoia of violence has shaped the collective consciousness of the United States. Focusing on the overwhelming presence of violence, domestic and abroad, American Dream questions how desensitization has given way to apathy and fascination with violence. These visually stunning sculptures call attention to the dangers and peculiarities of living in a society that profits and thrives on violence and bloodshed.
 You can find Sansone's Instagram here where there are step by step procedure's of the creation of his work.

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