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April 26, 2015

The day we got milkshakes.

The day we got milkshakes. 

This is either outside of Cayley's or Justin's house...

My room...
at night.

Same tree from before, but I like the contrast of the flowers against the dark blue with the street light.
This was also the night Justin took the cement block off the base of the basketball hoop.

This is the background for the Amber Alert story.

Crawling back to you.

Here, have a selfie.

She never really sits by me, but she enjoys being brushed while watching Catfish.

I rode on the back car. c:

We had to clean the crawlspace out to put insulation in and I found this letter from Jess est. 2011.

And a really fun night at Denny's.

I wanted to put this up here because when I move out I would really like this printed out and hung up.

Abby's Fundraiser. (:

I'm re-reading the Great Gatsby and thought we could celebrate with this gif. <3

Record Store Day. 

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