Record Store Day 2015

April 22, 2015

April 18th was National Record Store Day I took full advantage of two record shops in Chicago, plus one we stumbled upon which we had the most success at. 
I started in Chicago's Wicker Park

We started at the Exchange, which is a store where they buy and sell movies, CDs, records, and video games. This was the store I did the best at because they had the largest amount of items.
Next, we went over to Reckless Records. This is one of the more well-known record shops in Chicago and they recently re-opened it in a larger location, which I was very grateful for because the store was incredibly crowded and there was a band playing. Although it's larger and organized, it was also very picked over so we didn't stay for very long.
On our way back to the train we wandered into a Myopic Books that was very cool and that I unfortunately got no photos of it, but there are some on the website. There's a large basement, three separate floors, and some secluded areas off of the main floor.
We ended our day walking around Chinatown, where I almost bought a Chinese turtle, and sifting through music at Record Breakers, the record store about the Reggie's venue.

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