Ampersand · 21

August 21, 2015

My mom and I went for a shopping day in Oak Brook Terrace and came across this whale bowl.

I wasn't here for this, but my aunt, uncle, and grandma went to NYC and this selfie came from it.

What a nice throwback, thank you, Gabby.

I'm convinced my cat is the Boogeyman from Sinister.

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This was the same day as ScooterCon 2k15.

Pianos. <3

Have I put this hummingbird on here yet? 

I love this photo.

Cutest little coffee hut with coffee ice cubes

Last swimming day. <3

Obscure photo of the sky from Taste of Pierogi

This was the night I went to two different bonfires with Jake and Justin and drank an entire bottle of wine.

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