15 Highlights of 2015

December 11, 2015

I started school at DePaul in January

Which has given me the opportunity to explore the beautiful city I live in:

I've been embracing the crafty-DIYer that's ben hiding inside of me:

Did I mention how lovely my city is?:

I saw my favorite childhood film on the big screen:

I attended my first convention:

I've spent a lot of time by the pier and at beaches and rediscovered my love for the lake:

In case you missed it, I live in a very beautiful city:

I attended my first Paint Nite with my favorite people:

Oh, and we all went to the zoo:

I went to my first festival: 

I went on a solo road trip to Madison, WI where I saw such beautiful scenery:

and met Brian Sella:

and watched the Front Bottoms perform:

Finally, among the shows I've seen this year, I was finally able to see Death Cab for Cutie after four years of avidly listening to their music and it was magic:

This year has been equally the best and the worst year of my life.
With all of the grief, misfortune, and negativity lingering this year I've been losing sight of things I should be grateful for and to find the silver lining in the year, I decided to post 15 highlights of 2015. 

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