Bachelor's Grove 2016 · Midlothian, IL

January 29, 2016


Holding bodies dating back as far as 1833, Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is nestled in near the Rubio Woods in Midlothian, IL. Said to be one of the most haunted spots in Chicago, there have been sightings of an abandoned farmhouse, a phantom car, and a young woman after a photo circulated of this apparition sitting on a tombstone in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Chicago seems to be taking steps to be closing the cemetery off. When we arrived, Charlie noticed the tops of brand new fences being set for barbed wire. There have also been a more frequent amount of police handing out tickets. I couldn't figure out why until I did some research. Not only has the episode of Ghost Adventures filmed here drawn a plethora of attention to the site, there have been reporting of satanic rituals taking place over the grave labeled 'Infant Daughter,' a stone normally covered in small toys and gifts for the spirit of the child.

(There is also a very small pond where it's rumored Al Capone disposed of bodies, which is my personal favorite story, however there has never been proof of this.)

Regardless if you believe, walking down the long pathway definitely builds the anticipation to a small site overwhelmed with negative energy. It may seem like a fun place to visit with friends for a spook, but standing there realizing there are bodies only feet under the ground creates a haunting feeling of grief.

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