Aux Sable Cemetery · Minooka, IL

March 23, 2016

Back in the day, Pottawatomies settles near Aux Sable Creek for access to transportation, food, and water. At their settlement, they created a burial mound where members of their tribe would be buried along with the personal belongings including pottery, clothing, and tools. After the Pottawotamies migrated to a different location, settlers came to the area and dug up the burial ground, stealing the items buried with the bodies, disrupting the bones, and leaving them scattered around the land.

From the late 1800s to the early 1900s, settlers came and went. The next notable settling was the 1960s where "witches" would perform rituals and defaced tombstones. The tombstones where recreated years later and previously defaced ones now read, "Died in the 1800s."


Caretaker's Building:
This building is the reason I refused to leave the car. I was transfixed with this building and overwhelmed with negative energy. This is supposedly where the caretaker used to reside, but it is now covered in graffiti and the door is rusted and broken. This is also said to be an entrance of the gates to Hell.

These were the two spookiest photos that came out of this trip. These photos were taken only seconds apart from each other and I didn't notice orbs in the second photo at first.

Overall, I am usually very calm in paranormal situations. I have visited Bachelor's Grove several times and have not experienced anything out of the ordinary. I have family buried at Resurrection Cemetery and I have never felt uncomfortable there, either. Aux Sable made me sick to my stomach. There was an overwhelming amount of energy that terrified me. I am debating whether I want to go back and walk around, but I don't know if I would be able to get out of the car. What a history.

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