Record Store Day 2016

April 18, 2016

This is my second year participating in Record Store Day and every year gets a little better. Saturday, we set off with a gallon of water, a six pack of Pabst, and bite-size Starburst to Wicker Park, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago.

We began the day at Saki on West Fullerton to watch the band Forfeit play a set, including a song they wrote specifically for Record Store Day. Saki doesn't only sell records, they also carry chapbooks and independent art magazines. We left shortly out of the band and bee-lined for Wicker Park.

We began at my favorite pizza place, Dimo's, where I got a vegan Mac & Cheese slice. We started shopping at a shop I have only been in once at Schaumburg called Ragstock. They carry so many vintage pieces and they're very affordable. They also carry graphic tee-shirts, sunglasses, and other pieces of more modern-day fashion. There's always something to look at and buy and it was enjoyable to visit such a large location.

After Ragstock, we got to Reckless Records, one of our main spots each year. They recently moved to a larger location and they carry records, CDs, cassettes, and movies. Last year, I purchased One Hour Photo starring Robin Williams for $1.00. This year, I picked up three cassette tapes:
 Echo & The Bunnymen: Reverbnation
Tears for Fears: Songs from the Big Chair
Poison: Look What the Cat Dragged In.

After Reckless Records, we went to Myopic Books. A few months ago at Half Price Books in Countryside, I saw a book called The Basement telling the story of a crime that took place in Indianapolis, Indiana. I've searched several used book stores for it. I have checked online and asked for my birthday. I finally found it for $9.50 and purchased it! I could not be more excited to read it. If anybody is interested in True Crime literature, the film An American Crime is based off of The Basement, and both come highly recommended.

Overall, it was an amazing shopping day. I didn't go into it with many expectations, but I came out with such lovely things and the experience itself is also a great time. The best people are swarming the streets and they are out for one reason and one reason only: music. 

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