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June 6, 2016

Graduation is in just under two weeks and this has caused me to do some serious evaluation in who I am as an individual and how much I still have to grow.

I may be 22 years old and graduating a year later than expected, but I could not be happier with the path I took after high school. I've attended three different colleges and within those periods I have had three opportunities to start over. I have never been entirely satisfied with the person I am, but with graduation right around the corner and the endless possibilities of full-time work, graduate school, and free reign of my creativity, there is so much room to become a better person. Somebody significantly less cringe-worthy that I can take pride in.

With my undergraduate education coming to an end and a more firm grasp on the content I am capable of creating. I am ready to reinvent myself. I am prepared to tweak my flaws and embrace each part of my personality. I will stop being so hard on myself and seize every opportunity I have to start fresh.

This is a reminder that it's never too late. 
A reminder that I'm not stuck. I am not tied down to anything. I am not committed to only one path. 
Because I don't have a lot of time, and I deserve to spend it however I see fit.
This is a reminder that you will finish your education. 
You will find a job.
You will fall in love.
Everything will be okay.
Regardless of how many times you decide to start over or reinvent yourself, you'll get there.

Here's to the next chapter, whatever it may be.

(Also, this will be the last week where a post comes on only Monday. Next week Layne Joy launches full-time. Thank you to everybody making this possible. I could not be more excited for the journey we're about to go on together.)

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