Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 17, 2016

In the beginning of May, one of my favorite bands, The Front Bottoms, was going back on tour and they weren't coming to Chicago. Fortunately, they came to Milwaukee which is only about an hour and a half away from my house. I managed to see a lot of amazing things along the way, including the Mars Cheese Castle where they sold Kinder candies and all kinds of cheese. (Kinder candies are also my new favorite candies, but the wrapper was in some European language and I've only seen them available on UK Youtuber channels, so this was a wonderful experience.)

After we crossed the border, we came across the St. John's Evangelical School and decided to stop for some photos. 

Cemeteries have always been beautiful to me. I love seeing the different monuments and grave markers people choose and the years people lived, especially the older ones, and spectating their lives. It's very beautiful and overwhelming.

One highlight of going to Milwaukee was seeing the lot where Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment was at. True Crime has always been an interest of mine so to be able to stand here was incredible. I had more stops planned, but I also wanted to get to the show relatively early, so we went to the venue.

This is a mall we wandered into while looking for a bathroom:

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