Museum of Science and Industry · Chicago, IL

June 13, 2016

Built in 1933, the Museum of Science and Industry is nestled in Chicago's south-side neighborhood, Hyde Park. It takes the place of the Palace of Fine Arts built for the 1893 Columbian Exposition and was established as a museum in 1933. 
Since then, exhibits such as a replica Coal Mine, a German Submarine U-505, and the Apollo 8 spacecraft that transported the first people to the moon, are just the beginning of the hundreds of exhibits inside.
MSI is also home to Omnimax Theater, a theater that scares the hell out of tween Layne watching Titanica when the Titanic exhibit was inside. The screen engulfs the ceiling causing viewers to be swept into the film playing.
Each Christmas, MSI hosts Christmas Around the World with a display of Christmas trees from different countries. 
I also may be wrong here, but their newest addition to the museum is called YOU! The Experience where visitors see how the human body works. Going through this was such an incredible experience and it summarizes how this museum goes above and beyond anything a textbook could teach.
According to a 2009 study conducted about the largest tourist attractions in Chicago, MSI ranks second. If you're ever in the city or you're looking for something to do, I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend this museum (and the ice cream inside

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