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July 14, 2016

These are a few photos from the past month or so that haven't had anywhere else to go until now.
I graduated! I walked the stage the second weekend in June at 8 in the morning. All of my professional photos look awful because I was laughing, except one which we ordered. The boy sitting next to me talked to me about his band the whole time and my family and I lucked out because their seats in the bleachers were so close to my seat at the Allstate Arena. 
(And I graduated in the same place I saw Justin Timberlake in 2004, so life is great.)

These photos are from when I housesat for my aunt. I usually do this over the summer when they go out of town. This year, their cat, Lily, became my friend. Lily usually hisses and bites people, but she didn't hiss at me once and she actually sat with me and after 11 years, I actually pet her. She's super sweet and since I crochet, I made her a yarn ball and we played the entire time. 

The view from the fourth floor of one of the Arts & Letters building at DePaul. I've been taking two summer classes and I still have one internship to find before I receive my diploma. But, I am going to miss the city campus and the views. I can't wait to live down here.

I made these two friends playing Pokemon Go!

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