Aux Sable Cemetery · Round Two · Minooka, IL

July 6, 2016

A few months ago, I visited Aux Sable Cemetery in Minooka, Illinois and I refused to get out of the car because I was spooked. I was reading too much into whether the police were going to come and photos other people have posted photos with some sort of spirit, mist, fog, or entity photobombing them. 
This time, I got out and walked around and it was not as scary as I made it out to be. There are a few more myths I read about, such as he walking path around the West side and toward the back that's known as the Satanic Path where Satanists walk during their rituals.

I also went inside the Caretaker's shack where the walls are covered with graffiti and it's significantly cooler than it is outside. The first time we came to Aux Sable, this shack made my body fill up with dread and discomfort, which was the main reason I didn't want to get out of the car. Also, the cemetery is quite small and secluded. You have to drive over a long bridge through the forest to arrive at the cemetery, which is barricaded by trees and surrounded by farmland and grass.

Overall, it wasn't as scary as I thought. Cemeteries have always been interesting to me and going back to Aux Sable was an experience I'm glad I've taken part in. If I find more interesting myths, theories, stories, etc. I will be sure to post them here. 

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