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July 12, 2016

I thought we would spend some time today talking because a lot of my previous posts have been photos with little explanation and the purpose of starting Layne Joy was to write. So, here I am to talk to you today about how I have been feeling and a list of Ten Things.
I have had a severe case of FOMO. There have been nights where co-workers go out and I'm not invited, where I text people to make plans and they are going to en event already that night, and there are so many people my age flourishing on social media or in their field of expertise and I am feeling stuck. As though my content is not good enough, or I am not good enough as a person to be invited out. As though I should be making more and the quality should be higher. As though maybe if I were a different person I would be happier. Then I see other people and their relationships with their peers and these beautiful things that I am seeing are not the things that I have. 
Which leaves me feeling stuck,
and unsatisfied.

This has led me to make a list of Ten Things to accomplish by the time I am 25 (Oct. 2018) that I really want to do, but I have been afraid. I am growing tired of feeling stuck and living an unfulfilled life while everybody around me is blossoming. It's my turn to blossom, too.

This is primarily inspired by Kaylah Doolan at The Dainty Squid and her purple/green/blue hair. I'm trying to grow my hair out through the rest of 2016, but it's been such a long time since my hair was a fun color and I miss it dearly.

I cannot wait to have my own place. My grandma always said I would be content living alone with a dog and she could not be more correct. I'll be able to spend my days writing and editing and working on things that I love in a space that is all mine.

I crochet so often that I have projects laying all over my room that I don't know what to do with. My plan is to start participating in fall craft shows and opening up an online store (coming in September.)

I've had a difficult time pinpointing the genre I want to write. Young Adult Fiction has always been my forte. I absolutely adore Teen novels and they're a notch up from Young Adult novels where I would be able to focus on more serious topics for an older audience. I have about nineteen pages, but those pages aren't necessarily where I would like them to be, yet. That's been my project for 2016.

I would like to visit Europe next summer, again. I went in 2009, but a two weeks in London and France sound so lovely. Otherwise, I would love to spend a week historically exploring the East Coast. I'm afraid I will fall too deep in love and never want to come home.

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