Lake Katherine · June 2016

July 11, 2016

By now, I think Lake Katherine has earned her own tag on here. 
Lake Katherine is very close to my house and it's somewhere that I visit quite a lot and holds a lot of memories. I was first introduced to it my senior year (if not, it was my first year of college) by my friend, Kaitlyn. We used to go there to sit on this large, cement block and just talk about everything. The trail itself is about a mile long, so a lot of people walk it with friends, jog, and people bring their puppies!
I have so many stories from here, Lake Katherine has become my go-to destination on boring days. 

There are also so many things to explore off of the trail. 
In the back corner, they have a children's garden where there are smaller plants and some informative statues of the history of the lake. Past the children's garden is the continuation of the new Cal-Sag Trail, which wasn't paved to Lake Katherine last time I was on it. As soon as you walk in, there is a Butterfly Garden and an Herb Garden and a Nature Center. I've never been inside the Nature Center because I usually only go in the late afternoon/evening. 
Also, across the street is what we call The Falls, where there are waterfalls and a trail that runs parallel to Lake Katherine on the opposite side of the Cal-Sag. The trail there is also huge, but the waterfalls are the main attraction.

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