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August 18, 2016

With a ridiculous work schedule due to the new Harry Potter novel, I've been valuing the time that I have to myself. I used to hate being alone. I thought I was missing out on things that my friends were doing, or my family (I have a serious case of FOMO.) But, as I've gotten older, I have valued time alone. I think so much time around other people causes me to lose sight of who I am because I'm heavily influenced by my peers. Having the past four days off, I've been able to do things that I enjoy such as

  • The quiet time. It's nice to have the opportunity to listen to the music that I enjoy at full volume and sing along without judgment, even the guilty pleasure music, like Pitbull. 
  • Cooking and baking while watching recorded episodes of Big Brother, and when I accidentally burn something on the stove top nobody complains about the obscene amount of smoke.
  • Laying with my cat because she only enjoys laying anywhere near me when she wants affection and nobody else is at home.
  • CRAFTING. When I'm by myself, I can spread all of my projects out. Right now, there is yarn, fabric, glue guns, and felt covering my floor accompanied by about four bags full of projects that I haven't finished. This weekend, I made a lot of progress through my craft bags, but my goal is to make something out of everything before I purchase more things to craft with.
  • I appreciate the time I spend alone on public transportation, My car has been broken for almost a year, therefore I take the bus to work, and I thoroughly enjoy every second of it because I get so much reading done during my commute. 
  • This one is such an adult thing, but with nobody home, I get to organize everything. I usually sort out my finances for the month, work on a blog post, or the last day I was by myself I cleaned through my craft supplies and straightened the upstairs portion of my house, as that's where my room is and my mom has been complaining about the messy hallway for a while.
  • Motivation also comes in spades when I am by myself. I spent yesterday crafting and wrapping up Stranger Things on Netflix, when I decided to watch a few Youtube videos on how people are losing weight. So, I made the decision to join a gym. It's not too far from my house, so I can bike there, but one of my resolutions for this year was to be healthier, so I decided to make that step yesterday. 
Overall, I've discovered that spending time alone isn't as lonely as it sounds and because it is sparse, I value it a little more each time it comes around.

(Also, I didn't post Tuesday or Wednesday due to the desperate need of mental health days, so I will be posting over the weekend this week, yay!)

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