Blink 182 'California' Tour · Tinley Park, Illinois

September 12, 2016

I don't even know where to begin.
Friday night I saw Blink-182 in concert.
It was a culmination of the nights I spent driving around in cars singing Dammit and the 8th grade dinner dance introduction to All the Small Things, and every song and intimate moment containing their music from there on out was finally live, on stage, with Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio. Opening up for them were the All-American Rejects, who played every song I knew by them, and A Day to Remember, who I have never given a fair chance, but they put on an amazing live show.

The photos didn't come out as well as I hoped. We were back in the lawn at the Tinley Park Amphitheater and my zoom doesn't go that far, but I'm pleased with the confetti photos. I took so many of them I decided to create a gif. We spent a lot of time in line for merchandise and I spent half of ADTR's set in line for some water, which is the only downfall for bigger venues. At one point, Skiba announced that there were 30,000 people in the venue, and I could easily believe it. There was such a wide demographic of people there, too. Blink-182 is one of those bands that such a wide variety of people listen to, so the people there were all ages, and I think it really showed the impact and importance that much, specifically Blink-182 has had on the world.

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  1. Yaaaaass I saw Blink live in 2012 and they were so good, I'm glad you had a good time!