September 20, 2016

My first year of college, I went away to Illinois State University, and whenever I come back to visit little Normal, Illinois I think to myself 'what if I stayed?" Normal is such a sweet, small town and it fills me with the feeling of home, because it was mine for nine months. There's a few coffee shops, pizza places, ice cream, as well as small craft shops and boutiques. It has so much character, and I'm always overwhelmed with such a pleasant feeling when I'm there.

This time I went, we visited D.P. Dough for Calzones, Coffeehouse for some coffee, a small bookstore, and a record store. Oh! And they put in a shop called Insomnia Cookies that apparently delivers cookies as late as 3am, which is a magnificent invention. The bookshop used to have a kitten that would sit in the windows, but he wasn't there that day. There are small apartments that sit above the shops, which I think are lovely and homely.

There are so many memories I've had in Uptown Normal and I feel like my time here was cut short, but it's always a nostalgic and heart-warming visit. The weather this day was perfect: the sun was out, but there was a breeze, the trees were changing colors, it was an ideal beginning of Autumn.

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