Happy Birthday, Gilmore

October 8, 2016

October 5th was the 16th anniversary of Gilmore Girls. Ah, Gilmore Girls. I've watched all seven seasons twice, and I fall further in love each time I watch it, and I notice even more little things during every episode. No show has made me laugh, cry, and get more attached to their characters besides Gilmore Girls.

On their 16th anniversary, select diners around the country opened pop-up shops themed as Luke's Diner, the diner in my dream town of Stars Hollow where Luke Danes works. Netflix paid for the first 250 cups, but the diner that I went to gave out free small cups until they ran out of the Gilmore Girls cups.

I hemmed and hawed over going, because I wasn't sure if there were only 250 cups available, or 250 people would be free. Luckily, I came home with a cup with a witty Lorelai quote on the side, covered in Luke's sleeve, and a very sweet little experience with a slice of Stars Hollow brought home to Chicago.

Thank you to Amy Sherman-Palladino for bringing to life such love, witty, quirky relatable, and lovable people that can always brighten my day, take away stress and bad emotions, and make me infinitely happy no matter how many times I have watched the show. (and a special shout out to Milo Ventimiglia for being very talented, and very cute.)

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