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October 4, 2016

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I feel like I haven't done one of these in such a long time, and I always need some words of encouragement. This has been on my mind recently. One of my biggest fears in life is that I'm going to settle of that I'm going to feel stuck. I don't want to settle for a 9-5 that isn't a part of my major. I don't believe that a Bachelor's degree is only a piece of paper. We, as students, study so much of one area in 4+ years. With graduation comes interrogation about the plan now, and the pressure from family to settle into a career immediately because of money. Although money is the core humanity, my main focus in life is to be happy.

There are so many small ways to do this, especially in my favorite month of the year. There are so many horror films to watch, Halloween Wars on the Food Network, haunted houses, Six Flags FrightFest, Halloween, birthday parties, apple cider, and the trees changing colors! When drowning in the midst of chaos: school work, regular work, service hours for my class, future plans, graduate school, and the new four episodes of Gilmore Girls to emotionally drain me, there's so many little things normally taken for granted that I need to appreciate more often.

When our schedules get to be too much, always take time for the things you enjoy. Work is always going to be rough, classes are going to get overwhelming, family and friends can always get out of hand, but in these moments, always make time for things that make you happy. Whether it's something small, like a sweet treat to break up your day, a quiet Sunday morning in a coffeehouse, jamming to Prince in the car, watching your guilty pleasure reality show, or spending an evening getting dinner with your best friend when you're housesitting for your aunt, which then turns into trying to kill the wasp that got into the house while all of his friends are swarming at the back door (the last one may or may not have actually happened.)

In the midst of the chaos, there is light. There is happiness and positivity. And in the midst of the chaos, we must find small opportunities to spend time on us, on the things that make us happy and bring us joy. While rushing during our morning commutes, appreciate the yellow leaves on the ground. While we sit and we blog, feel free to play something festive on Netflix or T.V. Anything to embrace the transition season, between the blistering heat and the holiday season. 

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