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October 10, 2016

Hello, hello.

Today, I thought I would talk about ways I like to wind down and destress. There have been so many things going on lately, and the small moments I have to destress and wind down I take full advantage of. Even in the midst of the madness, I thought I would sit with you all and give you small ways in every day to take time to yourself and embrace the mindful moments.

I always find journals to be a very therapeutic way to release negative energy. I've kept some kind of journal since I was younger to let out frustrations, write stories, and write poems to release feelings in a very healthy way and it helps immensely.

Pamper Days
Sometimes, you just need some time for yourself. There are days where I like to take a long shower, deep condition my hair, clean up my nails and paint them, scrub my feet to make them feel nicer after a long week in flats, and a face mask to deep clean my pores from all of the makeup I wear. It makes me feel fresh, and rejuvenated, and ready to go for the week. Bubble baths are also a savior. It's so lovely to do up a bathtub, sit, and soak amidst candles with a nice book.

A tidy environment makes me feel more productive, because the act of actually cleaning makes me feel very productive after my clothes are washed and put away, and my floor is clear of clutter, and everything is organized. You don't even need to go through and thoroughly scrub things and sort through everything in the house, I would recommend something as simple as washing your bed sheets. Nothing is more satisfying than a clean bed at night without the midnight snack crumbs lying around.

This may be the most difficult, but turning off laptops, tablets, and phones for even an hour is so lovely. It doesn't necessarily matter what you do in the time that you unplug, my go to is always reading or crafting, but it's really peaceful to take some time away from social media. I also like to take the time and listen to music. (My favorite instrumental music to listen to is the Chocolat soundtrack.)

I swear by my planner. I use my planner to write down work hours, homework, service hours, bills, blog posts, just about everything. I tend to only write things down in the spur of the moment, but sometimes it's nice to set aside a half an hour and plan out the month. Write down your bills, and how much you are paying, your work schedule, school schedule (if you have a syllabus in advance), and anything else you'll need for the month. Having everything written down is so nice because it allows you to have some time to prepare. 

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