Christmas Eve

December 24, 2016

Things to remember from Christmas Eve:
I bought Abby the same sweater that I was wearing.

I bought each of my cousins gifts: Maggie a bath bomb, Gabby a necklace, Abby a Sasquatch cutout, and Sam some eyeshadow.
You do not like cake, stop giving different cakes a try.
Uno is going to become the game to play at family gatherings, it's also the game that causes the most competitive attitudes, and grief. (You also won the longest game in the world.)
Lizzie may be a lonely dog, but she kept trying to eat the Tsum Tsums inside of your Sock Exchange socks, and you gave her lots of lovin' under the mistletoe.
Bob Duncan will never ever get old.
"Books that cost $0.99 but have $3.99 shipping" was probably your favorite answer for the Game of Things this time.
Sentimental gifts, like an initial mug and a necklace dedicated to a family member, are always a hit.
You look very cute in pink, glittery eyeshadow.
Whenever you're feeling down, when you feel that gaping hole in your heart because the most important person in your life is no longer around to celebrate Christmas with you, you'll always have the rest of your ridiculous, photobombing, Panic! at the Disco singing, meme collecting bunch to bring your spirits up.

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