Five Things · Favorite Books in 2016

December 18, 2016

I didn't read nearly as much as I would have liked to this year, but I did read find some of my favorite books on a whim, whether due to school or browsing the best sellers. My original goal for the year was 100 books, and because of how often I commute I truly thought I could do it! But, I lowered my goal to 25 so I could stop making the amount of novels my main focus, and instead focusing on the content of the novels I've read. 

This was was a pretty good year for me, personally. The next five books have been the highlight of my year, though they weren't necessarily released this year. These books have made me felt a spectrum of emotion, and have whisked me into relationships and worlds that I have fallen in love with. I've met characters that I was rooting for the entire time, and read non-fiction stories that have permanently warped my perspective on every day life. 

These are my top five books read in 2016, in alphabetical order:

A Mother's Reckoning · Sue Klebold
I have such a passion when learning about true crime, particularly shooters such as Dylann Roof, T.J. Lane, and Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold. Dylan was one of the boys involved in Columbine, and around the beginning of 2016 his mom, Sue, did an interview on 20/20, and released her memoir. It was nothing short of beautiful. It was unbiased, and informative, yet there was so much emotion in each word, throughout each page, and I feel so much love, respect, and admiration for her.

Delirium (series) · Lauren Oliver
I read these as a part of my Young Adult Literature class, and I fell in love with the trilogy (ironically.) It's a dystopian Teen Fantasy novel where love is forbidden. And what does the protagonist do? Obviously she falls in love! It's rare that I've found a trilogy in Teen Fantasy that has kept my interest through each novel, but this was entirely successful. I've also read the rest of Oliver's books, with the exception of her newest one, and she has quickly become my favorite author of 2016.

Eleanor and Park
A Teen Fiction book that will make you fall in love, and then break your heart, E&P is about two misfits that find each other during the morning bus rides to school. I flew through this novel, enamored with the characterization of both of the protagonists. They're so well developed, and Rowell has such a distinct writing style that fits the plot so well. I'd like to read more by her in 2017.

The Program (series)
This is another Teen Fantasy series I stumbled upon at work, and just reading the synopsis had me hooked. There are only two books in this series, and then there is a side series that takes place in the same world, but from a different perspective. All four of the books were brilliant. The concept of it is original, the characters are relatable, and I was very quickly invested in this dystopian society.

When Breath Becomes Air
This novel hits close to home. It follows Dr. Kalanithi, an oncologist (I think?) that treats patients, until the second part of the book where he is diagnosed with cancer. This is a memoir, and he has such a beautiful, honest, simple style of writing. Medical books are not usually an interest of mine, but this book made me cry, and it has been one of my number one suggestions throughout the holiday season.

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