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December 19, 2016

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Recently, I've spent my evenings and spare time binge watching Vlogmas videos on YouTube, and then watching the recommended videos and I found myself on DottieJames channel where she created a video in regards to the quotes that she lives by, and this caused me to sit down and think of quotes and lyrics that have resonated with me, and that I try to shape myself after.

The first one is pictured above.

When I was younger, my mom bought me a bookmark with this quote on it, and I use it each time I read a book. This has become more important to me as I've grown because I am so lazy, but when I put my mind to something and get that small spark of motivation, I really can do anything, and I think my entire journey through college has been a huge reflection on this quote.

This quote came into my life after my grandma passed away in September of 2015 because that was the most heartbreaking time for everybody in my family. After the service, when we needed to begin picking up the pieces and putting everything back together in our day to day lives, my mom would say this regularly just to help start the days on a better note, and this is something I try to remember each morning, even on the harder days.

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In 2012, I was with a old friend driving down to Illinois State University to visit another old friend when my car broke down. Luckily, the person I was driving with had some friends in the area, so they came to pick us up, and the driver had this quote printed out and hanging in his car. Since then, this has really stuck with me because 2012-2014 was a very strange time for my mental health and a time of discovery, and I wish more people would have shown this same kindness to me in troubling times. Especially around this time of year working in retail, it's so difficult to keep a level head during the holiday season, so I've been keeping this in mind more often.

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I've been in the process of redecorating my room, and this is going to be hanging up on my wall because I think this is absolutely vital to read when getting ready in the morning. Dealing with mental illness, there are so many days where I feel like each of the negative adjectives listed above, and they are the driving source to me having an unproductive day, or calling off of work and staying in bed, or not going to class because I simply am not feeling up to it because one small thing has happened and caused me to feel defeated. But, this is such a nice reminder to wake up to.

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This quote was plastered on the wall of the community college I attended after my first year away at University and it's stuck with me since. I think I tend to build things up in my head, and my friends seem to be doing a little bit better than I am. I've been feeling like everybody is at least one step ahead of me, and that's okay. Keeping this quote in mind, where I am at right now is where I think I should be because it's the best fit for who I am as a person right now, and that has allowed me to be more satisfied with my current state of things. 

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