Chrissy's 50th Birthday Party

January 26, 2017

Last Saturday, my family went out to celebrate my Aunt Chrissy's birthday. For landmark birthdays, we tend to do something big. For my uncle's 50th, and my grandma's 75th, we went to the horse race track, but they've closed down since. Initially, a party was being planned, but my aunt decided she wanted to keep it small, and simple, so we all went for dinner at Beggar's Pizza.

Our server's name is Larry, which is the same name as one of our uncles. We all got a good laugh out of my uncle Dale calling the waiter 'Lar' out of habit. My cousins and I were also joking about our family members, and Abby put an ice cube on my plate, told me it was my dinner, and said 'bone apple teeth.' 

Our big present for my aunt was her scrapbook. This woman loves to scrapbook. She spends weekends working on pages and organizing layouts. Almost all of her photos are put away in carefully decorated pages that is her scrapbook. My mom came up with the idea to create a scrapbook for her, where everybody makes a page. We all found photos and shopped for pages, and decorations. She started crying when she opened the first page, it was unexpected, and full of love, and it was beautiful to see all of us come together to make a project for her.

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