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January 30, 2017
Happy Monday, everybody.

If you read my Crafting Chatter post, you'll know that I wanted to make this post tailored towards handling anger, and removing yourself from toxic situations. I'm no expert at this subject, but I've compiled a list of things I do to keep my anger at arm's length and not let the toxic situations and people get the best of me.

- "Not every action needs a reaction."
I saw this one in regards to a quote about growing up, and I agree with it. When I was in high school, I was always acting out, and I had to have the last word in arguments, but by just letting people act how they do and keeping your opinions to yourself, you can prevent arguments from happening and the toxic people will get tired of trying to negatively influence you, and getting nowhere.

- Take some deep breaths.
I was using an app called Calm which focuses in on your breathing how it impacts your thoughts, it's a mindfulness and meditation app. But, this really helps when things become too much throughout the day. If work gets too stressful, you can do a ten minute session when you go on a break. If social situations get too heated, you can go in the restroom with some earphones and try it out.

I got my mom into this, and whenever things get rough, we both tend to write it out. As a creative writing major, I will usually write it through poetry or in a fictional scene for the novel I am working on because the emotions are more real, and they're happening in the moment that I am writing them, raising their intensity. But, just journaling helps to channel all of your aggression into words without hurting anybody's feelings.

- Venting to a Friend
My best friend, Amanda, and I have taken to going out at night, and driving around (usually to get some sort of food) and just venting about what's going on, talking through our problems, and trying to come up with solutions. It helps to get the aggression out, and it helps to hear from an outside perspective how to get rid of what's making you so angry in the first place.

- Cutting Out Toxic People
This one seems obvious, but it can be a difficult thing to do. My best method is blocking them everywhere you can. Block them on social media, block their number, and do your best to avoid them in public. If this is somebody you work with or have school with, just keep your head down to the best of your abilities, and only communicate with them when absolutely necessary, but not recreationally.

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