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January 2, 2017

I thought this was the perfect quote to start the new year with.
Throughout the last few years, there have been days where I have let tiny things bother me, which then escalate into my anxiety getting entirely out of control, which then escalates into mental health days where I take entire days to just regroup. Now, this may be an extreme example because not all mental health is easily treatable, but I don't want to let small things, like being flustered because I'm running late, escalate into anything greater than face value.
No more calling off of work, slacking on creating content, or skipping graduate level classes because I simply don't feel like participating. I always feel so much better when something is accomplished, no matter how tedious the process is in the meantime. 
Everything that I do this year is going to have 100% of my effort put into it because I have a huge fear of remaining stagnant, like I'm not going to grow or get anywhere, and I can't have that. I want to grow, I want to learn, I want to create, and I want to take pride in my accomplishments. This year has been a strange transitional period for me, and I'm ready to move onto the next chapter in my life, whatever that may be. 
I'm ready for more routine. I'm ready to create myself and discover the nooks of my character. I'm ready for a bit of stability, while still living with some spontaneity every now and again. 
I have a really good feeling about this year, about how it's going to shape me, and how I am going to shape it, and I cannot wait to see what's in store.

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