A.F.I. · Riviera Theatre

February 2, 2017

Do you know what I did?
I deleted all of my photos from the AFI concert while trying to move them from my phone to my laptop to create this post.
Good news: I saved my two favorite photos from the show, and the videos, which I'll be putting on my YouTube channel, that has become a collection of concert videos and Snapchat stories. (Note: I've considered doing YouTube, but I have zero editing skills, and I can't stand my voice.)

AFI has been one of my favorite bands since Decemberunderground was released in 2006. I had my fingers crossed for a ten year tour, and it didn't happen. With the release of the Blood Album, my best friend and I decided this was our time to go see them.

To be honest, I didn't listen to the Blood Album, or to the album before that, Burials. I had heard the popular songs, which proved to not be a problem because with their wide discography they played their most popular songs on almost all of the albums. It was a refreshing change of pace because the audience was a wide demographic, and everybody knew a lot of the classic songs, as well as the new ones. 

Davey's stage presence is astounding, it's theatrical. He is passionate. He moves around and engages all of the members of the audience. He gets physically intimate, while also disregarding those who decided to stage dive because it was interrupting the performance. He didn't do it in a rude manner, he just continued performing without letting anything bother him until he decided to interact with them, which came off to me as very professional.

The crowd was also polite, and I had a good feeling we would have a good crowd from the get-go. The pit didn't raise to any more than some pushing and crowd surfing. Security had to come get a boy out of the crowd for causing some problems with the girls behind him, along with the girls that kept snaking in and out and standing in everybody's way, and finally the girl whose elbow was resting on the boy's head in front of me. Even with all of that, I've been in worse crowds.

I left the show feeling like I wanted more, but with this thought in my head I couldn't figure out why exactly I wanted more. They touched on their entire discography, they played a vast majority of my favorite songs. Maybe it's because I would have had more fulfillment at the Decemberunderground tour since I didn't listen a lot of the Blood Album, regardless it was a beautiful night, and their show was everything I hoped for.

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