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February 7, 2017

(above photos were from the fourth of july 2016.)

Hello. (:
I've had this camera hanging around for quite some time, and I kept forgetting to get it developed whenever I would go to Walgreens. Eventually, I would love to be able to develop my own photos, and learn about dark rooms, but for now I'l allow my film to be shipped off and pick it up the following week.
This roll has been sitting around for quite a while, since just about last July.

This is from Lake Katherine, a small spot in Palos Heights that I've visited many times before, and taken plenty of photos of. This was from the peak of Pokemon Go, and the lake bring plenty of nostalgia back because it's been home to a lot of memories and intimate moments. I would love to write about it sometime. 

These are all from my last trip to Starved Rock, yes the trip where I parked miles away from the actual site, and walked up a million stairs (at least!) I absolutely loved the trading post, it reminds me so much of Wisconsin Dells. The first visit I took, I went to this small town where there were root beer floats (pictured as the movie theater above), but in the last trip I came up from a different direction and found the small strip mall with the ice cream cone, popcorn, and fudge shop, alongside the trading post. I can't wait to visit again this year.

These two are from a coffee shop that Amanda and I used to frequent. I went back for a show, and ended up playing some chess, pinball, taking photos in the woods behind the cute little strip, and drinking my weight in Jasmine tea, because I can't find it anywhere else. 

These are my two favorite photos. I went out with a band to take photos for their E.P. and I ended up with these as well. I love the colors, and they take me back to exactly how I was feeling in that time (which wasn't necessarily the best, but the weather and the experience was really nice.)

This is a coffeeshop in Bloomington-Normal where I started attending college at Illinois State. I would love to go down, and do an entire photoset from down there, because it was a second home to me for nine months, and it will always feel like home to me.

Just a few photos from Riot Fest, seeing Death Cab & Morrissey.

Finally, a view from my back window, when the sunset hits the trees, which is my favorite thing to see in nature, and I'm glad I captured it on film. 

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