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February 27, 2017

I think we are well overdue for a Motivation Monday and I think we're all in need of some positive words. 
Today I want to stray away from the idea of refreshing, starting over, and making things new, and I wanted to focus more on our environments, and the people we are surrounding ourselves with because this week I have had my share of both wonderful, motivating people, and also people that I never need to see again in my life. So, I'm going to talk about my three experiences this week focusing on the two positives, and briefly on the one negative person.

I met a boy about two weeks ago, and he told me he liked my vibes. We met again on his birthday, and he told me he likes the energy I give off because I seem like I'm a genuinely happy person. I spent the night at his house, and we listened to music that I wouldn't normally listen to, but it entirely fit the environment, and we watched the Ring, which is a nostalgic horror film for both of us. He's leaving the city for about six months, and although I've known him for a short time, he's been a wholesome, ray of light in my life, and I really needed somebody like that lately, just to generally bring my spirits up.

There are two other people that I have been spending an increased amount of time with lately that have been physically motivating me to try to be my best person in regards to my health, and those are my two cousins, Abby and Gabby. Gabby has recently been working out, and she's lost so much weight, and we went through her old clothes and took some of them, which are still a little too big on me, but hearing everybody give her the praise and seeing her confidence has been motivating me to start getting myself back into shape. My other cousin, Abby, has recently got a gym membership, so we are going to work together to get ourselves in shape, especially with summer rapidly approaching. Not only have my spirits been lifted, lately, but I have also been feeling physically more motivated.

I've also had a very toxic person in my life, lately, and just as positive people can be motivating, I believe negative people can motivate you away from being a negative person. I don't want to go into extreme details, but we went out with him, and all his did was complain. He complained about food, which amplified into him calling the restaurant and complaining to the cook, but not before he complained to everybody at the bar about the food. He didn't tip the delivery girl. He was being stubborn, selfish, and close-minded in regards to the rest of us very blatantly having a bad time, and him not wanting to leave. So, when we got to the bar we usually go to, he pouted the entire time, and complained about going back to the other place. Some nights, you just need to be selfless and let the small things go. When you order a quesadilla from an Irish pub, you can't be surprised when it isn't high quality. When everybody else is clearly having a bad time, you need to take their feelings into consideration, and not sulk in misery because people aren't doing what you want to do. (Can you tell I've been bitter since Friday night?)

To wrap this up, I firmly believe that the people you surround yourself with can influence you for ultimately the better or the worst, but it's up to you you allow the better people to grow your soul, and you find the silver lining in the negative people to also allow them to help you grow instead of dampening your spirit.

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