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March 23, 2017

Warm days after a long winter
This means days being spent at the beach, city adventures, theme parks, Renaissance Faire, and state parks. Until full-blown summer arrives, I'll take the 50 degree weather, and the days I can ride my bike, and wear my jean jacket when I go outside. 

First morning coffee
Especially with Silk Vanilla creamer, but coffee at any time of the day will suffice. Seriously, nothing is better than waking up on a chilly, Spring weekend to fresh coffee.

Post-workout feeling
The hardest part of each time I decide to work out is getting the motivation to start. I read a post about the best ways to create a gym routine for beginners, and step one was to go to the gym. My first thought was, 'obviously.' But, there have been days where I just want to not work out. Even on my days off, I'll go get on my treadmill at home. I love that after work-out accomplishment and exhaustion because I know my time was well spent.

Laughing uncontrollably with your favorite people
My favorite nights out have been spent with my closest friends, usually during karaoke night, at the bar. Since karaoke night is Tuesday, it's nice to go out in the middle of the week, and just hang out and have a good time. There have also been nights where Amanda and I will just go to Walmart or Target, and we will both just start laughing in the middle of an aisle because one of us says something slightly ridiculous. These are my favorite moments.

Creative inspiration
Yesterday, I was thriving. I finished one skein of yarn, and I got to grab a new skein, start a new project, and learn a new stitch. I also spent quite a bit of time yesterday on Bloglovin' where I started an Inspo board because I was loving so many posts yesterday and I would love to adapt them, and put my own spin on them. I also found some time to edit my book, and I have been in the mood to write poetry, and go out and take some photos. I think it's the nice weather giving me that extra motivation get creative.

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