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March 27, 2017

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Happy Monday!

This week, my biggest personal focus is going to be self-love because I don't quite think I have been spending enough time on myself, and this last week was a very rough week for me mentally, and along with my interactions with other people. Sunday, I spent a bit of time reflecting, and I realized exactly how skewed my week has been, and how low I have sunk this week, and it's time to get out of that. 

  • My poetry has been extremely bad recently, if I even write anything. I've been neglecting all kinds of writing because I've been focusing on finding a better job. It's gotten to the point where I am halfway through writing a post, and I click off into a different window to begin applying and searching for jobs. 
  • Physically, I did really well this week, but I really veered off track this weekend, and I want to spend Monday-Friday getting myself back on track with my eating, and exercising.
  •  Socially, it's time for a detox, because this has been the most mentally sliver of the week. I continuously give and give, and I do it because I have integrity, I don't go looking for applause or reassurance or compliments. But, people haven't even been using manners recently, and I think that has me on edge, because people have been increasingly impolite, and applauding people for the smallest things that any decent human would do. I've been beginning to feel under appreciated, and second best to people in my life, and that truly needs to change.
I thoroughly enjoyed setting weekly goals last week, I really think that helped me keep my head on my shoulders and focus on the important things, so I'm going to set different weekly goals for myself for this week with the theme of the photo above to help shift focus on my life for the week, and work on myself a bit.

1. Super clean my room and finish lingering craft projects.
2. Leave debit card at home every day I have to work so I don't buy anything unnecessary.
3. Write. Write some poems, write a piece of my book, write something.
4. Work out five days this week, and get all greens on my FitBit Monday-Friday.
5. Make appointments with all of my doctors: GenPrac, OB/GYN, and Opto 
- (Also, look into therapists.)
6. Finish yr taxes lady!!!
7. Get a hair cut & color // Get nails done this weekend (if all goals are done.)
8. Get your bank account to the next hundred. 

This is significantly more goals than last week, but I think I can handle it.
What are some of your goals for this week? Go slay them, babes. 

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