Maggie's Senior Prom

May 23, 2017

My oldest cousin went to her Senior Prom this week, and everybody in these photos looks more beautiful than I did at prom. This is in part to me not being able to do my make-up very well, and my chubby cheeks preventing my eyes from staying open when I take pictures, so I was trying to keep them open and I ended up looking possessed.

Just like last year, my mom and I were called in to hair and make-up. If you see the previous paragraph, I don't really know how to do my make-up because I just wing my eyeliner and throw on some mascara. Nevertheless, I got to hang out, eat some cheese and cookies, and take some photos of this beautiful lady as she went to her second prom.

Their prom was at the Field Museum, and the following day she went to Six Flags Great America, which sounds like a fantastic weekend. I think everybody looks so beautiful, and we had so much fun getting her all dolled up. The back of the dress is also a corset tie, as opposed to a zip-up, which made the dress more fitted and flattering.

I've loved watching her grow, and become her own person, and feel so comfortable in her own skin. Have fun at Illinois State next year, I love you.

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