St. James Graveyard

May 4, 2017

I recently learned the there is a small, but definite difference between the terms cemetery and graveyard: cemetery is a resting place, and graveyard is a resting place on/near a church property.
So, excuse the tag being cemeteries, I just think I visit more cemeteries overall than graveyard, although I believe churches are the most beautiful structures and I haven't seen nearly enough of them.

In February of 2016, I visited Monk's Castle, which is the folklore title for St. James. But, instead of focusing in on the spooky tales and folklore during this trip, I decided to focus in on the stones, and the dates of the people that have been buried there.

These are from two babies, and nothing makes me more sad than seeing baby graves. This one above looks like it was two babies, but the stones were too worn to know for certain. That's what the two tiny angels statues lead me to believe.

I love the small window on this one. It radiates vibes that you can see to the other side, and I adore that. 

A boarded up mausoleum. This is something I've never seen before. At previous burial grounds, the doors are usually locked shut, but to be boarded up makes me believe something happened, and I'm intrigued.

The detail on this has my heart. As a Catholic, I love seeing the different interpretations of Jesus, and his facial expression on this one looks so melancholic. 

The graveyard grounds themselves are beautiful. The church bells rang out, and the sky was overcast causing for ideal lighting, adding to the already haunting atmosphere of our location.

I would like to read more about St. James and learn the lore behind it. I've become more familiar with stories at places closer to home, such as Resurrection Cemetery, and Bachelor's Grove. But, I find myself so drawn to this place, and I'm looking forward to going back someday.

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