Coffee Chats · On Being Grateful

May 11, 2017

It's been a while since I've just sat down and talked on here, and I think it's well overdue.
Emotionally & mentally I have been feeling like there is a weight lifted off of my shoulders, and it's because I've rid a lot of the pessimistic viewpoints I once held. I've learned to take the negative, and find the silver lining in everything because I believe in every bad there is at least a sliver of good.

Aside from trying to become more optimistic, I have learned to be grateful for what I have, and I'm almost upset with myself that it took me 23 years to figure this out, but I found it while I have been in this slump that I have been in where I feel like everyone else has been growing, and I have been stagnant.

I am growing, and I need to stop comparing my growth to other people's. 

There is so much that I don't have right now, and there is so much that I still have to obtain and so much room I have to grow and move up, but right now I still have so much.
I have a job, it's not my dream job, but it's a paycheck. I am working, and I am working at somewhere that I don't hate, and that's a wonderful thing.
I don't really have a career in mind, nor have I heard from my dream graduate program, but I have my Bachelor's, which is more than a lot of people have the opportunity to have. And, I am fortunate enough to have a supportive mom who encouraged me to get my degree in something that she knows won't necessarily pay the bills, but rather to follow my passion.
 I have surrounded myself with people who matter, and genuinely care about my well-being, and that's more important to me than the quantity of friends that I have. People who appreciate who I am, and see the good parts of me when I don't see them in myself.

I have not there, but I am somewhere, and I am continuously persevering, and improving, and growing. But, in this moment, I am grateful for where I am right now because I could be doing so much worse.

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