Do What You Can't

June 29, 2017

Today I wanted to share the most important video I have ever seen with you all. I found this video on my Recommended on Youtube because the creator of this video, Casey Neistat, works closely with other people that I watch. I also think this video was his collaboration with Max Joseph from the MTV show Catfish, which was another draw into his channel. 

In this video, Casey addresses the haters, the doubters, and the people who have ever told somebody that they can't do something. He tells his audience, the recipients of the phrase, 'You can't do that,' to disregard everybody who has told you that for one reason or another. He uses the example of his dad telling him he can't move to New York because he doesn't have any money, and that he can't be a filmmaker because he didn't go to film school. 

He basically tells everybody that has ever told somebody that they can't to fuck off.
He tells the dreams that they should do the things they have been told they can't.

As a former English major aching to write as a career, this video moved me in an overwhelming way because coming from a traditional family where everybody works a monotonous 9-5, comes home, and does it again the next day, they don't have the minds open to a job that isn't in an office. But, the continuous pressure to find one of these draining jobs gets to be a bit much. Because it's all that they know, they think it should be the path I choose.

And I have far too much creativity to sit in an office for forty hours a week.
That's where this video comes in. 

This videos tells me that I have options. I will always have those options. This video tells me that I can always be creative and do the things that I want to do, even when I am told they are not possible. Ultimately, this video tells me that I can live my dream and make myself happy doing that, even under the pressure of being told that I can't.

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