Five Things · Getting Through the Bad Days

July 11, 2017

I have been through a spell of days that have been difficult lately. Days where I don't want to get out of bed, and when I decide to I almost instantly regret it. Days where I don't want to be around people, which is impossible working in retail. Days where I'm enjoying my solitude more than being around people. I'm a homebody, and over the past few days I have spent quite a bit of time with people between game nights and the fourth and working. I also worked an overnight this week and I'm usually okay with my sleep schedule on overnights, however this one messed me up, and I think it's because the following day was the Fourth, which was packed with activity. Between the lack of sleep, and being on overload of people, I haven't been in the greatest mood and I wanted to share some tips on getting through it.

1. Music, Books, and Movies
Through my bus rides, I put music on. I started Into the Water by Paula Hawkins, and I watched the new Power Ranger film this week. These aren't going to solve your problems, but they will help to take you out of the stress you're feeling in the moment -- escapism. It's temporary relief for any bad headspace you may be in.

2. Working Out
I've been using my gym membership quite a bit, and going for bike rides and walks in the evening. Although it's been hot out, it's a nice period of time to embrace the quiet, and spend some quality time with yourself. And I think we all need some alone time sometimes.

3. Talk About It
Whether you write it down or you vent to a friend, it helps to get all of the reasons you are feeling the way you do out of your system. If you don't have a friend available, write it down. Having majored in Creative Writing, I find it easier to write as an outlet and incorporate it into poetry, or the fiction piece I am working on in that moment. Overall, it helps to get everything out of your system.

4. Have a You Day
Take a day you have off of work, or away from classes, and focus on yourself. Go to your favorite places, do your favorite things, and turn the focus on yourself. Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with the presence of people, and taking a day for myself elevates some of the stress, and makes me so much better.

5. Pick Your Battles & Let Things Go
Mind your own business, spend less time focusing on things that don't directly reflect you. For the things that do directly reflect you, deal with them, but choose your battles so you're not confronting every single thing that bothers you. The things that you choose not to fight, let them go. You'll find yourself clearing your plate, and it's refreshing.

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