Warren Dunes State Park

August 23, 2017

I have found where I am the happiest. A bit more fuel to relocate to the coast, preferably the east. I have found the peace that I've been looking for while staring up at the sky, the same color as the lake. My ears underwater, a muffling silence offering a temporary solace. 

To be less poetic, we were also right next to a dog beach and I met a dog named Sandy aptly named because she liked the sand. I also climbed up the dunes the hardest way possible. It took me quite a bit of time, but I couldn't bring myself to stay on the ground because the view from the top was beautiful, and I got to watch an overcast sunset. 

I would like to go back again before the season ends, maybe on a day with more sunshine to enjoy a proper beach day. But, it's already the end of August and time is running out. At least I made it to the beach once this summer. There are a few beaches in Chicago, but making the trip to Michigan offers scenery that's not the skyline, and a better atmosphere overall. 

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