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September 18, 2017
Let's kick off this week with some Drake.

Big things are coming tomorrow. I'm starting a new job, full-time, benefits, basically my first job in adulthood where I'll be receiving a livable income and that is a huge step in itself. I try not to let money be the core of things, but for the bulk of my adult life I've been broke, and it will be nice to feel a bit of that weight lift. it will be nice to make a $200 student loan payment and not break the bank. Sticking with the topic of careers, so many people ask what I want to do with my life, and ultimately I want to work for myself. I want to write, edit, and do it all for myself, and I can say that with confidence after struggling listening to baby boomer backlash on my mindset for so long because I'm not concerning myself with other people's opinions and it's doing great things.

Let's talk writing. I have a poetry book set to be independently published on November 8th. I just typed out that sentence, re-read it to myself, and felt a lump in my chest because I am excited and nervous. My creative energy has been low lately, but shoutout to Mac DeMarco because he has put the creative flow back into me. Today is my last day off before this new job, and I'm spending it currently sitting in the middle of my messy bedroom floor, listening to Salad Days, and typing this post, but I also have the entire day to clean, write, and get some things together for tomorrow. 

I've been running under the influence of Jordan Shrinks. Of all of the weight loss Instagram profiles I follow, she is my favorite. She's personable, down to earth, and keeps everything real. Some of these girls live off of protein shakes, and spend up to three hours at the gym. Jordan sets aside time to run, and keeps her diet reasonable for somebody like me who also has to work and can't/has no desire to go to the gym. I've been working on my stamina, and distance, and since I haven't ran distance since high school I've been feeling really good about being able to do an 11 minute mile.

My headspace has been in a good place lately. The two year anniversary of losing my grandma has just passed, but I didn't feel the impact this year because I've been surrounded by so much good. Although I miss her, I couldn't bring myself to feel sad, but rather to celebrate what a wonderful person was in my life for 22 years. I feel like I have narrowed down my social circle to people that I care about, who care about me that don't stress me out or bring any unnecessary negativity to my headspace. As far as dating goes, I'm keeping it casual. I'm not looking for anything serious with anybody because I am accepting, and embracing my own company and growing on my own so when I find a potential partner we can grow together. 

Have a good week, babes. 

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