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October 18, 2017

I've seen this floating around for a bit, especially working at a bookstore the Five Love Languages has been on Bestsellers for a significant amount of time. With a combination of curiosity and a handful of friends who have talked it up, I decided to look into it.

The Five Love Languages are five different ways that people best receive love. You can take the quiz here, and the quiz consists of two options on each page; you select your preference of the two. Each answer correlates with a love language, and whichever language you've selected the most of by the quiz suggests the way you best receive love from friends, family, and your partner.

The Five Love Languages are:
Words of Affirmation
Acts of Service
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts
Physical Touch

My love language is Quality Time; the best way that a person can show me that they love me is by spending time with me whether it be a night out, a phone call, video chat, etc. This makes sense to me because I prefer to go out and be around friends and family instead of talking with them. I think it makes things intimate, and it creates better memories than communicating solely through text. 

Here are my results:

My favorite thing about the quiz is that it breaks down the remaining love languages and ranks them. The numbers represent the number of questions you answered where you chose that language as your response.

I think Quality Time and Physical Touch go hand-in-hand for me, but sometimes I also dislike when people touch me. In terms of a partner, though, I am a very physical person in several ways. I think Words of Affirmation makes sense in the middle because when it comes to completing a task I work the best when being told I'm doing well. However, when I get complimented I get flustered and shy away from the person. Receiving Gifts and Acts of Service belong at the bottom of this because I prefer to help people, and do things for others rather than people doing things for me. When people do things for me, I don't know how to handle it because it makes me feel selfish, or gluttonous when people give me things or do things for me. Also, material possessions and helping me don't mean nearly as much to me as a mutual desire to spend time together, have a lazy day, or go out and do things together. 

I'd love to get my family into this, too, because in my experience with my friends that have completed the quiz and shared their results, it has helped us become closer, and break down a wall of our friendship where we become more selfless and take each other's mindset in regards to love into consideration. I can see this working wonders for my family, too, and I would love to see the impact it has on them. 

This program comes to you from me highly recommended. I will link the quiz again here, and as I take the other quizzes and dive into the book I will be sure to share all of my experiences with you, and I look forward to hearing about yours.

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