Halloween '17

October 31, 2017

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but if we're being honest I couldn't get myself in the spooky spirit this year. Until our family Halloween party on Saturday the 28th. This is the second year we've thrown a Halloween party, and we did way better than last year. The biggest damper was that Chicago has decided to transition from Summer to Winter leaving this whole week between 30-50 degrees, so it was freezing.

Let's focus on the good thing, such as the plethora of food. 
(Desserts pictures above are Halloween Funfetti Mix, and Wilton decorations; it's all edible.)
My aunt made crescent rolls stuffed with cheese that looked like witch hats. My other aunt made Rice Krispie treats that looked like Frankenstein complete with Reese's Cups neck bolts. My mom had a loaf of beer bread filled with dip, and made it look like a coffin. Oh, plus walking tacos!

Festivities were amped up this year. We started with pumpkin carving (in the 30 degree garage.)
The adults tried to keep my cousins and I out in the garage so they could set up for the last minute scavenger hunt, which is the event everybody is still talking about. My yard connects with my uncle's, so there were things to do between each yard, including a cemetery, a crime scene, and a Hawaiian seance. Not to mention, the inside of my house could be used to film a horror film in, so there were clues hidden under a bed, in the shower, upstairs, and in the basement where scares were around every corner.

My family always throws together the greatest costumes, and I have inherited the creative gene from all of them. I think I've made my costume for the past like three or four years because it's more fun to make your own costume, and they always get a better response than store bought ones. I also like to stay away from more popular costumes like 11 from Stranger Things, and Pennywise. I was set on being Daenerys Targeryen this year, but I changed my mind a week before Halloween and decided to be everybody's favorite school bus driver, Miss Frizzle.

 (My aunt is It's Raining Men. A hit.)

 (Gabby was the Riddler.)

(Abby went as Darla from Finding Nemo, and it nearly killed me. Look how cute!)

It's 9:33 on Halloween as I'm writing this, and I am eating pumpkin seeds after a day full of Stranger Things Season 2, and Hocus Pocus, and trick-or-treating at my mom's work. Halloween was simple, yet successful, and as always I am looking forward to next year.

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