Me at 24

October 6, 2017

By the time you finish this post, you will be twenty-four.
You have run through things that you've wanted to say in this post since you started cleaning your room around an hour and a half ago because you wanted to start a new age with a clean room. 

Twenty-four is an irrelevant age, and you've heard that from a few people that you've talked about your birthday with. Yet, it feels like a huge step and you think it's because you will be a quarter of a century old next year, which is a bit scary.

Onto the stream of consciousness:

I am twenty-four, beginning a new year at a new age that is almost twenty-five. My bedroom is dark blue with a grey shag rug, a grey sheet, and a white comforter.  There is a Beach Glow candle that smells like bonfire, which would be a ridiculous concept for a candle except bonfires smell different from regular fires. I can hear the crickets, and smell the hint of rain coming in from outside. Above my bed is the poster from Title Fight's Floral Green, a photo of Kiki and Jiji, and a dry erase board for my to-do lists. The rubber unicorn mask is on the floor in some god-awful pose. My Funkos are stacked up, and the last one I bought was Jonathan from Stranger Things. The hole in your wall that leads to the demon room is finally patched.

In chronological order:
I was Kiki for Halloween. I had my heart broken by a boy who told me I took the magic out of what we had. I went to my other Aunt's for Christmas instead of my grandma's for the second year, talk about lost magic. There is a house by your house that plays music along with their Christmas lights. I stayed home for New Years and drank with the neighbors because the roads were horrible. I got thirteen tally marks underneath my Jason mask tattooed on my neck. I saw Title Fight and AFI within two weeks of each other. I spent a lot of time at the Crossing, where I met Matt and Vince. I took Abby out for Record Store Day. I saw La La Land in Millennium Park. I went to the Warren Dunes in Michigan, climbed a dune, swam to the buoy, and met a dog named Sandy. I went blueberry picking and ate at this rad little restaurant. I went to the Renaissance Faire twice. I started working full time as a Kids Lead. I went to the Stranger Things Pop-Up Bar. I cut my hair into a bob. 

My favorite movie is still Pan's Labyrinth, though I've watched the new Beauty and the Beast about a million times and it still gives me chills. My favorite horror movie is the Strangers, and horror films are my favorite genre. Most anticipated of the year is the new Insidious, and the Killing of a Sacred Deer. I have played a lot of new board games this year, including Catan, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Superfight, Coup, Resistance, Boss Monster, and been involved in a D&D campaign.I have been in a reading funk, though I've gotten deeper into poetry this year, both reading and writing. I've been listening to a lot more acoustic, Mac Demarco, Saint Motel, Arctic Monkeys, Haley Blais, Glitterer, and Portugal the Man's Feel It Still is the most catchy song right now. 

I am proud to tell people that I want to write, and someday work for myself. I am proud of the person I physically am, and that's all thanks to confidence, which is something that I've wanted to work on this year. I am thrilled with my personality and work ethic, two things I think needed some work and now I am feeling good about the person I have become. Amanda is still my best friend. I can do one of these when I am 85 and she will still be my best friend.

Here's to the big two-four. 

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