2017 Wrapped on Spotify

December 6, 2017
I was planning on doing a Winter playlist until Spotify released the Wrapped playlists, and this year they really broke it down. I didn't use Spotify much this year because I was subscribed to Youtube Red for most of the year, and I listened to a lot of music on there. Otherwise, this playlist would have been dominated by the Hamilton soundtrack. The minutes of music didn't surprise me too much provided I used other outlets to listen to music this year.

I think my top artists are very similar to my top artists last year because if I would put music on it was from my 2016 Wrapped playlist (lol.) All of my top artists are artists that I can listen to on shuffle; there are also other albums I prefer to listen to from start to finish. I listened to a lot more Title Fight this year, especially after I saw them in January. The Front Bottoms released their new album Going Grey this year, aside from them being one of my favorite bands. The Lumineers, Hozier, and the Arctic Monkeys are just three overall favorites that I cannot get enough of, especially after the release of the Lumineers Ballad of Cleopatra video. 

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight will always be one of my favorite songs of all time. It feels nostalgic listening to it, and Give Up is one of my favorite albums. Mrahc is just my most played song off of Hyperview, but I've listened to that album more this year than any other album. Tom Odell is a recent artist I've found and I think Concrete is one of his songs that stands out the most to me, but his album Wrong Crowd is one of those start-to-finish albums. Flashed Junk Mind is the most surprising song on this list because I wouldn't consider that song or Milky Chance to be a staple in my 2017 by any means. But, we round out my top five with one of my favorite songs by the Smiths and there isn't much else to say about that. I think they will always make a top list of mine, especially tracks from The Queen is Dead

A really cool thing Spotify did this year is create a playlist called The Ones That Got Away which is a compilation of songs that didn't make your Wrapped list, but songs that you may enjoy based on your list. Their recommendations are pretty spot on. I've already listened two or three times, and with the exception of a few artists I've discovered some new music that I've really enjoyed (especially BORNS.) I'm going to link both my 2017 Wrapped and The Ones That Got Away here so you can see what I'm listening to, and follow me so you can show me new music, too.

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